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National Moot Court Competition

 Shri I.M.Nanavati Memorial National Moot Court Competition 2018-19 

 January 18 - 20, 2019 

This stalwart of law was born in the city of Jambusur near Bharuch in 1920 and bore the name Shri I.M.Nanavati. He came to Ahmedabad for law studies and at a very young age joined the bar with the foot step of his father. In the initial years of his practice he joined Maneklal Harilal Mills to look into Labour and Company Matters. With his foresight and hard work he became famous and in a short time span he was one of the renowned advocate of India. He always took a keen interest in overall development of the people and in development of Educational Institutions. He was deeply interested in the promotion of education and did tremendous work in that field. His busy practice however was no bar to his love for social and educational activities, in which he took leading and prominent part. The inspiring zeal and managerial ability of Late Shri I. M. Nanavati had gone a very long way in establishing Gujarat Law Society. He contributed greatly to the stability and for the steady growth of the society during the period of his association with the Gujarat Law society. He was a teacher at the Law Faculty and is even today remembered for his outstanding quality and contribution as a teacher of Law, a very able administrator, and a noble human being who made his mark not only in the courts in Gujarat but also in the Supreme Court of India. He was an aware educationalist, a leading lawyer and the then Hon'ble Secretary of Gujarat Law Society. He left for the heaven on January 15, 1981 in the city of Nairobi at South Africa.

In the Will of Shri I.M.Nanavati he express his wish that “In the end, I desire that when I pass away, my mortal remains be drawn through the Ellisbridge Campus of the Gujarat Law Society of which I was a student and whom I have serve for more than 20 years as Hon. Secretary and the institutions whereof which I developed, I have loved like my children”

To commemorate late Shri I.M.Nanavati who made his mark as an advocate and as an educationalist the 1st National I.M.Nanavati Moot court competition is organized.

After his death Shri Nani Palkhiwala had said “India has lost an exceptionally able lawyer and the cause of public education has lost one of its great benefactors and ended with the beautiful lines:

“Lives of great men all remind us,
We can make our lives Sublime;
And departing leave behind us,
Foot prints on the sands of time!”

Key Dates for the National Moot Court Competition 2018-19:
15th November, 2018 Release of Moot Problem 
5th December, 2018 Last date for Provisional Registration
Registration of the Institution
25th December, 2018
31st December, 2018
Last date of Registration
31st December, 2018 Last date of sending Clarifications
9th January, 2019 (11:59 PM)
11th January, 2019 (11:59 PM)
Last date for Submission of Memorials (soft copy)

11th January, 2019
13th January, 2019
Last date for Submission of Memorials (hard copy)
18th January, 2019 Registration and Researchers’ Test

We are proud to announce cash prizes which will be awarded in Shri I.M.Nanavati Memorial National Moot Court Competition in addition to the trophies mentioned in the Award Section of the rulebook.

The cash prizes to be awarded are as follows:
Winning Team: ₹ 2,25,000
Runners’ Up Team: ₹ 1,50,000
Best Advocate (Appellant): ₹ 50,000
Best Advocate (Respondent): ₹ 50,000
Best Memorial (Appellant): ₹ 25,000
Best Memorial (Respondent): ₹ 25,000
Best Researcher: ₹ 21,000

Patron Mr. Devang Nanavati
Hon. Secretary, Gujarat Law Society
Convener Dr. Mayuri Pandya
Director I/C, GLS Law College
Faculty Coordinator Ms. Vidhi Shah (9879797182)
Assistant Professor, GLS Law College
Faculty Co-Coordinator Ms. Suja Nayar (9712720888)
Assistant Professor, GLS Law College

Ms.Jiya Matharani (7984719633)
Assistant Professor, GLS Law College
Student Coordinators Aaditya Dave (9429600477)
Student Co-Cordinator Monarch Pandya (9408417171)
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